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  • 2020-12-24
    Honest review here:
    Although shipping was a bit of a pain, even though it was ordered with a good lead time, I will give this review based on the items alone. The pictures are exactly what you get! I got size Medium for my wife, they fit her perfectly, she’s 5’4” and about 158 pounds. I got a size medium for myself, and it fits nicely but I could have opted for a large just for that extra wiggle room (I’m 5’7” and about 156 pounds). Lastly, my 2 year old got a 2T size and it fits her perfectly with enough space for growth so she can use it over and over for another year or so. The items are elastic and really soft! If you do wash, use gentle cycle inside out and would recommend air drying just to make sure they don’t shrink. For men, I also recommend using shorts underneath as the material is soft and molds a bit to the body, showing a little too much (TMI). Anyway, great buy, and would definitively recommend this set for any family :).